How Solar Carports Provide Power to Schools

How Solar Carports Provide Power to Schools

April 26, 2019

Aside from academics, there are two major challenges almost all schools and universities across the nation must address: parking and power.

High schools and colleges, in particular, require large parking lots to accommodate their student and staff populations, which take up a lot of space across campus. Additionally, the electricity required to run high schools and universities around the clock is astronomical.

One way that schools can alleviate both of these problems and receive significant benefits in return is by installing solar carports in Phoenix, AZ.

Solar carports’ role on campuses

A solar carport utilizes solar panels placed on carport rooftops to generate solar powered electricity. That electricity can be stored and/or funneled into the property’s power center to be used by the various buildings nearby.

On high school and college campuses, the implementation of these solar carports is growing in popularity, thanks to their enormous benefits.

First and foremost, solar carports in Phoenix, AZ provide the benefits of generic carports to students and staff by offering vehicular protection from the sun and inclement weather. However, the benefits of solar-equipped carports go far beyond that.

On most campuses, the amount of space used for parking is significant and, unfortunately, very poorly utilized. Solar carports give schools the opportunity to transform these spaces into something useful by increasing the square footage available to generate solar power. Covering parking lots with solar carports instantly multiplies the available space schools have to generate additional electricity.

When carports are installed, they provide a way for schools to generate their own renewable energy and use it immediately for on-campus operations. The biggest effect this has on schools is that it lowers the energy burden schools have on city-wide electrical grids, which in turn reduces their electric bills. Some schools are able to install so many solar carports that they can completely power one or multiple buildings on campus.

This feature comes with some benefits of its own, as well. Renewable energy generation can help schools achieve LEED certification on buildings, obtain tax credits for green initiatives and reduce their overall carbon footprint, all while gradually obtaining a return on investment thanks to the cost savings solar power provides.

Bring your campus into the future

Thousands of schools across the country are implementing the solar carport strategy into their campus master plans because of the many benefits it can offer—not only for drivers and their vehicles, but for the campus as a whole.

If your high school or college campus is looking for ways to reduce its energy burden or improve sustainability efforts, contact Diamondback Carports. As a premier provider of steel and solar carport installation and repair in Phoenix, AZ, we can work with you to discover a carport solution that will bring your campus into the future of renewable energy generation.

You can also turn to us for all of your steel canopy, metal building, fence and gate and pergola needs, as well! Call us today for more information or to receive a free estimate.

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