How Monsoon Season Can Affect Apartment Complexes

How Monsoon Season Can Affect Apartment Complexes

July 29, 2019

Monsoon season in Phoenix, AZ can have a huge effect on many aspects of your life, including your apartment complex and the residents who live there. While you may enjoy summer rains and the occasional thunder and lightning show that accompanies them, monsoons can actually be pretty serious and have major consequences for your property.

The dangers monsoons present

Monsoons can cause serious damage to people and their property, including your apartment complex, during monsoon season in Phoenix, AZ. Fourteen people have been killed by lightning in Arizona since 2009, and all of those deaths happened during monsoon season. Flooding is also a leading cause of death, and has killed 26 people since 2009. Dust storms also present dangers, especially to drivers, often causing traffic accidents based on issues with poor visibility. However, the heat in Arizona is the biggest danger—it killed 182 people just in 2018.

For your apartment complex, storms and monsoons during these hot summer months can present additional dangers. Flooding can happen if your windows are doors are not fully sealed, leading to expensive water damage repairs. Lightning striking the complex can also present dangers, knocking down power lines or causing surges, which can damage plugged-in electronics. There’s also the possibility of having a power outage, so it’s a good idea to have a generator, or at least candles and flashlights on hand. It also presents a danger of residents having to go without air conditioning for a period of time. In July, the heat is no joke, and its effects have been known to cause fatalities.

Prepare your apartment complex for monsoons

There are precautions you can take for your apartment complex before monsoon season in Phoenix, AZ to limit the dangers that this season presents. Make sure windows and doors are properly sealed and insulated to avoid leakage during rains and storms. Water damage can be incredibly expensive to repair, and it’s much more cost-effective to ensure the complex is sealed before it becomes a problem. You can also install water guards if doors do not meet the floor all the way.

Encourage residents to use surge protectors on all valuable electronics that are plugged in, or to unplug appliances during storms. They’ll also want to make sure they have candles, flashlights and lighters on hand in the event of a power outage, and they should also stock up on water in the event of being without air conditioning for a long period of time. However, having a backup generator for your apartment complex is never a bad idea to avoid these types of prolonged situations without electricity and central air.

Remind residents to take steps to protect their cars and make sure they’re in good repair. To prevent hail damage and other storm concerns, consider installing a carport for your residence to park under, which will provide some protection from the elements.

Diamondback Carports has been a leading carport contractor serving customers in Phoenix, AZ since 1988. Monsoon season in Phoenix, AZ is a great time to install a carport for your residents to show them you care about their property and their safety and provide shelter from the heavy rains. Call today to get a free estimate!

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