About Us

History of Diamondback Carports

solar carportDiamondback was established in 1987 primarily as a commercial steel carport installation company. With the onset of the recession of the late ’80s and early ’90s new construction starts were declining rapidly. Having done many carport repairs as a sideline along with the primary business of new installations, it was then decided in the early ’90s to go into repairs on a much larger scale. By 1992 Diamondback Carport Repair, Inc. had changed primarily from a construction company to a service related steel carport repair business serving multi-family housing properties in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

In the mid 90s many customers were requesting repairs to other steel related items such as pool fences and gates, balcony and stair railings, stair treads, pedestrian and driveway gates. The company was fortunate to have employees qualified and experienced in these areas. These services were added as well as repairs to just about anything made out of steel.

Since the boom of the solar industry taking place in the late 2000’s Diamondback has also added solar carport installations to their list of services. As companies realized the cost saving benefits of adding solar, Diamondback was there to help them maximize their solar realestate by adding panels to new and existing shade structures.

Why Use Diamondback Carports

  • Our bids are always free and if you need to change the bid we give you so suit your budget constraints we can do that too.
  • High volume = competitive prices. We buy a high volume of material from local suppliers which keeps our pricing competitive.
  • We can sell you material for your own in-house repairs and we deliver.
  • Professional, courteous service, prompt and reliable.
  • Proven performance. Just ask our repeat customers (click on references) who have been using our services for many years.
  • You’ll have the confidence and assurance that the job will be done right with skilled tradesmen at your service.
  • Diamondback is a licensed contractor in the state of Arizona. License number 141754 CR5
  • We are Licensed and insured and have been in business since 1987.
  • If you have budget constraints we have a program to help you meet your financial needs.
  • We realize that quality service and cost control are possible with a “hands on” management approach.
  • Diamondback is geared to service the multi family housing industry.