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How Solar Carports Provide Power to Schools

April 26, 2019

Aside from academics, there are two major challenges almost all schools and universities across the nation must address: parking and power. High schools and colleges, in particular, require large parking lots to accommodate their student and staff populations, which take up a lot of space across campus. Additionally, the electricity required to run high schools and universities around the clock is astronomical. One way that schools can alleviate both of these problems and receive significant benefits in return is by installing solar carports in Phoenix, AZ. Solar carports’ role on campuses A solar carport utilizes solar panels placed on carport... View Article

Using Solar Carports to Power Your Office and Parking Lot

April 12, 2019

Across the nation, small and large business owners are making an investment in their properties and in their employees’ happiness by building carports. Designed to protect vehicles from inclement weather and excessive sun, carports provide an excellent alternative to garages or more cost- and labor-intensive parking solutions. Aside from vehicle protection and shade, carports can offer businesses another unique benefit: power generation. Solar carports in Phoenix, AZ can actually generate a significant amount of energy for your business to use. Here’s what you should know. What is a solar carport? A solar carport looks just like a standard carport you’d... View Article

The Difference Between Solar Carports in Phoenix, AZ and Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

March 29, 2019

Solar panels are one of the most popular upgrades for homeowners to invest in, and they can have a number of attractive benefits. If you’re thinking about installing a solar energy system on your property, you are probably weighing your options to find the system that’s right for you. If you’re on the fence about whether to invest in ground-mounted solar panels or solar carports in Phoenix, AZ, you should take into account a few of the key differences that are important to understand before making your decision. Ground-mounted solar panels vs. solar carports Ground-mounted solar panels are installed low... View Article

How to Effectively Use the Energy Produced by Solar Carports in Phoenix, AZ

March 15, 2019

If there’s one thing you can count on here in Phoenix, it’s plenty of sunny weather. Because of the amount of sunshine we get, a lot of people are starting to use solar technology to generate electricity for their homes and businesses. You might be familiar with the solar panels you see on top of buildings and houses, but did you know that you can also generate energy with solar carports in Phoenix, AZ? Read on to learn more about this energy option and how you can take advantage of this technology to reduce your costs and your carbon footprint.... View Article

Tips for Cleaning Solar Carports in Phoenix, AZ

February 19, 2019

Your dentist has probably told you how to clean your teeth. The drive-through carwash knows how to clean your vehicle. Have you ever thought about how to clean your solar carports in Phoenix, AZ? What’s involved in this process? Unfortunately, many owners of solar carports in Phoenix, AZ fail to consider this topic. Once the solar panels are installed, the owner rarely gives them another thought unless something goes wrong. The fact is, something is more likely to go wrong if you don’t clean your solar carports in Phoenix, AZ. To keep your carport well maintained, use the following guide.... View Article

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