Commercial Stair Railings, Fences, and More

In addition to installing and repairing carports, the team at Diamondback Carports is also available to assist you with a variety of installation projects when it comes to metal and concrete fixtures. Call on us for fencing, gating, railing and stair installation in Phoenix, AZ. Our ability to work within the scope of your needs and maintain a superior level of quality across every installation has made us a trusted contractor regardless of the job!

Fencing and Gates

When it comes to metal fencing and gates, untold factors could cause damages—including age, weathering, excess use or even vandalism. If you’ve got gating or a fence installation in Phoenix, AZ that needs to be replaced, give our team a call and get the services you need. We’ll gladly make sure the work is done to a superior caliber and the finished results are as sturdy and reliable as they are perfectly installed.

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Stair Treads and Railings

Have worn-out stair treads and a damaged railing installation in Phoenix, AZ that need replacement? We’ll work with your fixtures to make sure they’re replaced with high-quality fixtures that serve the purpose you need them to. We’re able to work with installations in any capacity, including for patio, stair, balcony, hand or ADA railings. Additionally, our ability to install new step treads means reliable traction for all those using your facilities.

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Quality Installations in Phoenix, AZ

A proper and thorough installation is crucial for any and all fixtures on your property, because it sets the foundation for stability, resilience and reliability for years to come. For installation work done right—whether for fencing, gating, stair treads or railings—contact the crew at Diamondback Carports. We’re driven by providing our customers with superior results at fair and honest prices. Give us a call today at 602-494-1556 for more information or an estimate on services.


Want to make an exterior investment for your business that’ll pay dividends for years to come? Few structures offer the convenience, benefits and staying power of commercial steel pergolas in Phoenix, AZ. In addition to these pergolas, Diamondback Carports also provides commercial customers with steel canopies as well.

Whether you’re a restaurant with an outdoor dining area, a hospitality venue with outdoor lounge spaces or a business that wants to better utilize their outdoor areas, our steel products can help.

Steel Pergolas

Commercial steel pergolas are great for shading outdoor areas, protecting them from the light and heat of the sun. Because they’re made of steel, these pergolas are architecturally sound, extremely resilient, semi-permanent and beautiful to look at.

We provide steel pergolas of all sizes to a variety of business types. Consult with us about the size of your outdoor space and your intended use of your pergola and we’ll outfit you with something that looks great and functions flawlessly.

Steel Canopies

Commercial steel canopies in Phoenix, AZ are ideal for protecting property and creating the allusion of an outbuilding, without the full investment required for one. Our steel canopies are well-made to stand up to extreme light and high winds, while providing shade, structure and stability in whatever application you use them for.

We’ve provided steel canopies for a broad range of clientele, including outdoor nurseries, driving ranges, parking areas (carports), loading docks, bus stations and many, many more installations. Let us know your size requirements and we’ll furnish you with a steel canopy that does the job.

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Steel Products Stand the Test of Time

If you’re planning on investing in a pergola or canopy, make sure it’s a steel creation provided by Diamondback Carports. As the experienced leader in metal buildings and commercial installations, we’re able to provide you with a precision solution that’ll look great, stand strong and provide ongoing benefits for you and anyone else using it.

For more information about commercial steel pergolas and canopies, contact us today at 602-494-1556. We’ll be glad to educate you on their benefits, applications and uses.

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